Menu at Kuuraku & TOKYO TABLE

*Yakitori - Japanese Grilled Chicken-
Yakitori is a Japnaese style grilled chicken on skewers. KUURAKU is famous for its authentic yakitori from Japan.
All the Yakitori are cooked only by certified Yakitori Chef and tasted with original sauce or simply salt.
*Ramen - Japanese Noodle with Soup-
Ramen is a Japanese noodle and soup dish which is one of the most popular dishes in Japan.
Ramen is now popular in USA, European countries and many others all over the world.
Our handmade noodles are made with the secret recipe and we make our thick and rich soup by chicken bones and feet with special sauce.
*Curry Rice - Japanese style curry with sticky rice-
Curry Rice is a popular dish with Curry and Japanese sticky rice in one plate.
Our dishes are prepared with a lot of vegetables and specail handmade sauce.
Since we don't use any kind of ingredients from animal, it is totally for Veg. so that everybody can enjoy it.

Please enjoy the authentic Japanese dishes at KUURAKU and TOKYO TABLE!!

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Grilled Chicken